How to enter pricelist for next year

Last Updated: May 27, 2014 03:15PM CEST

When you want to add the price list for the next year there are two things you need to enter into the system.

First step is to add seasons.

1. Finding the Seasons

To enter the seasons you will need to go to Setup (1.) > Seasons (2.)


2. Adding Seasons

Next step is to select already existing Season Group (1.) and continue the sequence of dates into the new year by pressing the New season (2.) button.

The new opened season will start on January 1st and end on December 31st of the default system year. In order to complete the new season you will need to double click on the End date (1.) field and click on the calendar icon.

When the Calendar (2.) opens find the appropriate date and click on it. This will select the end date for the season and close the calendar.

3. Completing the Seasons

Now all you have to do is keep adding seasons (1.) in the same way you added the first one. Always add them one by one so that the End date (3.) of the previous season will become automatically the Start date (3.) of the following season untill you are done.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Season groups and Seasons should always be carefully added because there is no way to delete them.

Second step is to enter the prices.

1. Finding the Pricelist

To enter the prices you will need to go to Setup (1.) > Prices(2.)

2. Selecting the Boat

Once in Prices you can use the Filter (1.) to find the boat by name. Then you click on the boat (2.) and select the appropriate Season group (3. and 4.). If your boats have prices for the existing year, do not change the Season group because that will remove the current prices from the system.

3.Price Entry in Booking Manager

Once you selected the boat and the season group the complete price list will load including from past years. You will need to find your current seasons (1.) and then click on appropriate field in the Price column (2.) and enter the price. Confirm each entry by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard.
If your boats have prices for the current year, the newly added seasons will show below the current ones with the price of 0.

Note about the currencies: Booking Manager supports every world currency in the system and it allows you to enter your prices in the currency of your choice. It also allows you to have a parallel pricelist in a secondary currency. Invoices in all other currencies will be calculated thru exchange rates that are managed in Work > Exchange rates

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