Release Notes 11.2 (18.03.2015)

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2015 12:08PM CET
 - new: LBM/Newsletters/Manage newsletters: Local Booking Manager is now connected with 1st ranked
     newsletter provider in Website Magazine's list of top 50 email marketing solutions - Constant Contact
     ( All you have to do is to create your Constant Contact account and get your
     Access token from the Constant Contact site. Next step is to create your mailing lists on Constant
     Contact site and name them exactly as your newsletter group in Booking Manager. If some of your user
     groups are checked as a "Newsletter group" they will be automatically synchronized with the groups on
     your Constant Contact account. In the Newsletter (BETA)/Manage newsletters you can enter your newsletter
     content and send it to selected group.
 - new: LBM/Newsletters/Options: New newsletter service available. Now you can get your Constant Contact
     access token through a web browser and use your Constant Contact account with Local Booking Manager.
 - new: LBM Medium package clients from now on have full access to Booking Manager communication and charter
     preparation features including: Price Quote creation, Newsletter integration with Mailchimp and Constant Contact,
     Crew Lists, Embarment lists and Transfers.
 - new: LBM/Setup/Option Types: Added new feature in Advanced tab that allows to check if specific extra includes
     security deposit waiver. If such extra exists on reservation then documents for that reservation will not
     contain security deposit info.
 - new: LBM/Work/Addressbook: New filter by first contact is now available.
 - new: LBM/Work/Payment Analyser: Now you can choose in which currency will Payment Analyser show data.
 - new: LBM/Reports: Now you can choose in which currency will the following reports show: Agency financial
    performance, Expected payments, Chart Statistics and Extras list.
 - new: WBM/Yachtlist: Added dateFrom and dateTo parameters for retrieval of the yacht prices in specific
 - new: WBM/Yacht details: Option items are sorted in the table for easier preview.
 - new: LBM/Reports/Agency Financial Performance: Added the possibility to create a report that shows situation
     on date.
 - new: LBM/Preferences/Company settings: From now on you can directly send emails from LBM. All you have to do
     is to set your SMTP email settings in the new tab "Email settings"(if you wish you can test them there by
     pressing the button "Test email settings"), and in General options to choose and save "Direct email" as your
     mail client.
 - new: LBM/Preferences/General options: Added new mail client - "Direct email".
 - new: LBM/Work/Addressbook: Added new filtering options: Booked in any year, Booked in all years, Not booked
     in any year, Not booked in all years.
 - new: LBM/Work/Yachts: You can now choose if skipper needs to have some kind of a license in order to operate
     the yacht or not. If license is required you can enter description about what kind of license it is.
 - new: LBM/Maintenance/Warehouses: Added tax column in articles table. You can now change tax rate for all
     articles that have already been added to the warehouse.
 - new: LBM/Work/Reservations, Yachts and Addressbook: New table design with more info directly shown on each
     reservation/yacht/user. You can now add Tags to reservations/yachts/users which will also be shown in
     corresponding table row for easier preview.
 - new: LBM: Added group by driver option for Transfer list report. Enabled printing transfers for multiple
     reservations in Reservation editor (if multiple reservations were selected in the table).
 - new: LBM: Enabled import of bookings from Cyber Yachting system.
 - new: LBM/Invoices: Added option to remove date of printing on invoices. Option is available in Preferences/
     Reservation Settings and it is called Show printing date on documents.
 - new: LBM/Preferences/Company Settings/Tags: Tags can now be inserted in the system and applied to
     reservations/yachts/users. Tags can be assigned to reservations in Reservations editor by right clicking
     on one or multiple reservations. Same principle applies also for yachts and users in Yachts editor and
 - new: Portal/My Bookings: Custom docx templates can now be added on reservation and they will be merged
 - new: LBM/Work/Addresbook: Added Facebook address line to address book contacts.
 - new: LBM/Maintenance/Task Editor: Task has been disabled for editing when invoice has been issued.
 - new: LBM/Work/Reservations/Crew List: Added new status Crew member, and now exist Skipper, Crew member and
     passenger status.
 - new: LBM/Preferences/Reservations settings/Invoice: Default guest discount can now be used for users
     booking on your search engine.
 - new: LBM/Preferences/Reservations settings/Invoice: Amount and unit price can now be removed for base price
     using new option called Show amount and unit price on documents.
 - fix: LBM/Work/Reservations: Fixed merging contract number on custom templates.
 - fix: WS: Discounts available for groups are now also visible to XML users.
 - fix: LBM/Work/Addressbook: Fixed adding new user in case filter was used previously.
 - fix: LBM: Fixed default email delimiter when sending multiple emails in Outlook.
 - fix: WBM: Fixed preview for end guest invoices created online (charter discounts were not visible).
 - fix: LBM/WBM/WS: Correctly applying base related discounts even for situations when boat is not in its
     default location.
 - fix: LBM/Reports/Price List: Season was not shown if it was in selected year but it started in previous year.
 - fix: LBM/Reports/Price list: Showing alternative price if it is entered in prices (not calculated based on
     exchange rate).
 - fix: LBM/Work/Yachts: Fixed filtering by cabins, length and berths.
 - fix: LBM/Work/Yachts: Default check in day setting on yacht was a text field and user has to enter numerical
     representation for each day. Now it's replace with the combobox picker.
 - fix: LBM/Work/Reservations/Crew List: Repaired error message if yacht doesn't have licence key. Error message
     refers on yacht, not on one of guest.
 - fix: LBM/Setup/Discount Types: Discounts type are sorted by name in Discounts Editor.
 - fix: LBM/Setup/Equipment Editor: Default value for new equipment is changed from Text to Logical.
 - fix: LBM/Reports/Charts Statistics: Fixed issue with empty year overview data (when double clicking on
     any node in the chart).
 - fix: LBM/Work/Reservations: Disabled change of checkin and checkout dates for options on waiting.
 - new: WS: Added new method getResourceDetails - use it to get details for specific yacht.
 - new: WS: Exposed shipyard information in yacht details response.
 - new: WS: Added method getShipyards which provides data for each shipyard in the system.
 - new: WS: Exposing yacht sale price in yacht details if yacht is on sale.
 - new: WS: Exposing info if skipper licence is required in yacht details.

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