Release Notes 11.3 (18.06.2015)

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2015 12:09PM CET
- new: LBM/Email Preview: Added a new window from which you can view, edit and send your email messages via multiple channels including direct email with your mail server, local mail client(Outlook), MailChimp Newslettering service, Kayako customer service software and HelpScout ticketing system.
- new: LBM/Email Preview: Added the ability to send MailChimp newsletters . This is very useful when you want to send price quotes or targeted messages via MailChimp service by segmenting recepients according to a business rule from Booking Manager, for example selecting all clients that still didn't book with yous this year
- new: LBM/Preferences/Company Settings/Email settings: You can now set your SMTP email settings. This means that you can now connect Booking Manager directly with your email server and not use local mail client. You can set the mail client in LBM/Preferences/General options to "Direct email" and send email messages, offers, etc. from your own email address.
- new: LBM/Preferences/Company Settings/Help Scout settings: From now on you can answer your Help Scout messages through LBM. All you need to do is to generate the API key for your Help Scout account and save it in the LBM Help Scout settings. After that, answering Help Scout messages will be available from email preview window when sending email messages.
- new: LBM: Booking confirmation document now contains Confirm Booking button which can be clicked directly in PDF document so that booking can be confirmed by client automatically online.
- new: LBM/Main window: From now on you can easily review and send special offers ("One ways" & "Short term offers") via price quotes from the new table "Special Offers".
- new: LBM/Main window: From now on you can drag items from "Available Yachts" & "Special offers" tables to the price quote table. This is a new, easier way to add items to price quote table.
- new: LBM/Main window: From now on you can sort price quote items in price quote table by clicking on the price quote table header.
- new: LBM/Main window: From now on total price fields are directly editable in each price quote item in the same way like you can edit the discount fields.
- new: LBM/Price quote: Euminia ratings shown in price quote are now clickable so that clients can view detailed ratings online.
- new: LBM/Preferences/Reservation Settings/Defaults: Option to choose how many days prior to embarkation should options/bookings allowed to be created. If this condition isn't met yacht will not be listed as available online.
- new: LBM/Setup/Option Types: It is possible to use extras that are available only for specific bases. You can define extra that is available only when yacht leaves from specific base or when it goes to specific base (or both).
- new: LBM/Preferences/Company Settings/Bases: Redesigned bases view and added option to set specific VAT amount for each base.
- new: CBM/Reservation manager/Crew editor/Reservation detail: Added possibility to upload crew documents (passport, skipper license, sailing resume etc.).
- new: CBM/Reservation manager/Crew editor/Crew list: Added a feature that allows adding information for guests arrival time and/or flight details.
- new: LBM/Work/Yachts: Users are able to provide yacht details link in multiple languages.
- new: LBM/Preferences/Booking Systems/Distribution: Added "Print" button so client can export list in Excel or PDF format.
- new: LBM/Reservation Settings/Invoice: Title booking confirmation can now be set to: "Booking Contract".
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations/ToDo notes: Added the time value in Scheduled and Completed columns.
- new: LBM/Reports/Cash Register: View and print cash flow data in specific period or on specific day.
- new: LBM/Work/Addressbook: Birthday can be deleted.
- new: LBM/Preferences/Reservation Settings/File: Added history log view where you can see all changes made regarding company and global settings. This can be also viewed in Company Settings window.
- new: LBM/Reservations/Payments: Added storno payment method column so that user can choose different payment method for storno payments.
- new: LBM/Reports/Embarkment List: Added the quantity and unit with all extras prices in reports.
- new: LBM/Reservations: Users are able to switch yachts that booked in same period. If they pick yacht that is booked in the same period, system will allow to switch yachts on those two bookings.
- new: LBM/Reports/Extras list: Added the new report type under "Show extras by: issues invoices" that shows extras report with extras payable on the invoice from reservations and custom reservations.
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations: Expiration date on reservations that were switched to status "Option" is now calculated based on the date when the status was switched.
- new: LBM/Reservations: Added Base of arrival as filter in Reservations.
- new: LBM: Improved design of calendars in Local Booking Manager
- new: Portal/Special Offers: Showing short term offers even in cases when they are not completely surrounded by existing reservations (in case when they have existing reservation on one edge and default checkin day is on the other edge).
- new: WBM/Search Results: Option expiration is visible on the search results on the portal so agent can see if the option will expire soon.
- new: WBM/Last Minute: Last Minute search box did not list same models twice by default but now it is possible to list them with parameter doNotRepeatSameModel=false.
- new: WBM/Search Results: Results can be pushed to top based on any available parameter, even multiple parameters can be used.
- new: WBM/Yacht List: Yachts can be filtered by number of cabins.
- new: Webservice: Added related reservation ID information to custom invoices listed in getInvoices method.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations/Invoices: Base price is now set when storno invoice is created.
- fix: LBM/Yachts/Yacht Details: Yacht details report is now showing the correct default currency of option type.
- fix: LBM/Reservations/Payments: Fixed calculation on payments when invoice items are used and base price exists.
- fix: WBM/Yacht Details: Booking calendar now displays correct days based on default checkin day of the yachts.
- fix: LBM/WBM: Fixed sending email to charter company when Option on Waiting is promoted and there is no client email address available.
- fix: LBM/Setup/Option Types: Fixed rounding issues when entering price in currencies other than EUR.
- fix: Portal/Yacht Search: Fixed bases filtering when specific country and region are both selected.
- fix: Webservice: Fixed encoding for yacht documents.
- fix: Webservice: Showing yachts with and without reservations in getShortAvailabilityInfo method.
- fix: LBM/Preferences/Printing Options: Fixed name/surname printing order when this option is used.
- fix: LBM/Work/Addressbook: User password is hidden except if master user logged in application. If the user forgets the password, it can be retrieved through email that is sent from Addressbook.
- fix: LBM/Maintenance/Warehouses: When adding new articles they are added at the bottom of the table.
- fix: LBM/Maintenance/Tasks Editor: When adding new articles they are added at the bottom of the table.

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