Release Notes 12.0 (20.11.2015)

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2015 12:12PM CET
- new: LBM/Main window: From now on you can filter boats by type.
- new: LBM/Price Quote: Total price field for each item is now editable.
- new: LBM/Setup/Option Types: Added extra options that includes other extra options.
- new: LBM/Preferences/Company settings/Email settings: Some standard account settings have been added for easier usage: MMK, iCloud, Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Yahoo. Select one of these and entire configuration will be automatically imported.
- new: LBM/Reports/Embarkment list: Added new report with separated check in, check out, and transfer list.
- new: LBM/Reports/Yacht financial performance: Added new report with total numbers per period and segmentation by sources of booking.
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations: Added confirmation pop up when trying to change boats on reservation that are situated in different base.
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations: Added confirmed after day filter.
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations: Added color tag filter.
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations: Added number of available berths on booking confirmation report.
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations: Moved template merge buttons from Contract field into Documents tab.
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations: Added week number information to reservation details.
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations/File/Invoices: When printing invoices for period all invoices are merged in one PDF file;
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations/Invoices: Added option to choose language when printing invoices.
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations/Crew List: Added travel document id and skipper license number.
- new: LBM/Preferences/Reservation settings/Invoice: Added option to show/hide booking confirmation button on documents.
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations: Using custom templates, if they are available, when printing invoices from Invoices tab.
- new: LBM/Work/Addres book/Report/Export Excel: Added possibility of disabling certain user to export the address book contacts. User must have administrator right on address book module to export contacts.
- new: WBM,LBM: Added default equipment translations in price quote.
- new: WBM: Yacht details calendar will show boat as available if it is under an option and options on waiting can be created.
- new: Portal/Booking Sheet: Showing both available and booked boats in selected week.
- new: Portal/My Clients: Clients can be exported in CSV format. They can alos be imported into LBM using the same format.
- new: Portal/My Clients: Added export to Excel button.
- new: Portal/Yachts: Added shipyard search filter.
- new: Portal/Yachts: It is now possible to filter by multiple boat models.
- new: Portal/My Account: Exposed option for automatic deletion of expired options. Agency can now turn it on and have their expired options automatically deleted.
- new: CBM: Showing one way info on booking step if reservation is going to be a one way reservation.
- new: Webservice: Added equipment category translations in getEquipmentCategory method.
- new: Webservice: Added Business Intelligence section into getInvoices method.
- new: Webservice: Added "remarks" field into getReservationDetails method.
- fix: LBM: Report wizards will stay visible after report has been produced so that you don't have to open it every time when you have to print the same report with different settings.
- fix: LBM: Fixed price calculation when prices are entered in some currency other than EUR.
- fix: LBM: Improved initial synchronization performance.
- fix: LBM/Work/Address book: Fixed amount of filtered results when filtering by Booked last year filter.
- fix: LBM/Work/Address book: Fixed logic when filtering old/new clients in the address book.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations: Check in/Checkout time is now automatically recognized and fixed for invalid inputs.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations: Program is now preventing user from entering check in time which is after check out.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations: Fixed attachment reservation document when custom template is available.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations: Creation of the agency commission invoice correctly sets check in and checkout dates on newly created custom reservation.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations/Invoice: Added appropriate email subject when emailing invoices.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations/Reports/Print Reservation List: From now on price is returned in requested currency not only in EUR.
- fix: LBM: Fixed overdue info when payments are in some currency other than EUR and with different exchange rates.
- fix: LBM: Selection of the boats on the main screen is preserved when currency is changed and prices recalculated.
- fix: LBM/Work/Payment Analyser: Improved date filter.
- fix: LBM: Fixed export to Point regarding agency commission amount.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations: Fixed fiscalization issue when HRK exchange rate is zero.
- fix: LBM/Work/Exchange Rates: Fixed exchange rates synchronization with HNB.
- fix: LBM/Work/Address book/File/E-mail list: Fixed sending mail.
- fix: LBM/Maintenance/Tasks Editor: Task can be changed even if invoice for it has been issued.
- fix: LBM/Work/Booking Sheet: Prices are shown in default currency chosen in settings, not always in EUR anymore.
- fix: LBM/Work/Booking Sheet: Reservations created in a week view will be created based on default check in day for specific yacht, not always on Saturday.
- fix: LBM/Work/Booking Sheet: Week numbers are calculated in ISO standard.
- fix: LBM/Reports/Price list: Price list now working for season group with many seasons.
- fix: LBM: Showing correct error message when fiscalization certificate is missing.
- fix: WBM,LBM/Work/Yachts: Fixed translations of equipment categories in yacht details report.
- fix: WBM,LBM/Work/Yachts: Utilizing "Hide yacht name on documents" setting for hiding yacht name on yacht details report.
- fix: WBM: Setting 0 percent tax rate on charter's invoice items that are added to agency reservations.
- fix: WBM: Removed option expiry info in emails sent for Offers.
- fix: WBM: Listing extras on booking step in correct currency when extra has assigned currency other than EUR.
- fix: Portal/Booking Sheet: Fixed issue with available yachts not shown in special cases.
- fix: WBM,LBM: Setting option expiry date to predefined default for reservations in close future only if charter's default setting is not lower.
- fix: CBM/Crew Editor: Fixed documents upload functionality.
- fix: Webservice: Fixed issue when charter is booking his own boat.
- fix: Webservice: Fixed issue with listing extras and discounts in getResourceDetails method.

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