Release Notes 12.1.0 (05.05.2016)

Last Updated: May 06, 2016 09:18AM CEST

- new: Work/Planning Revenue: Settable targets. Charter operator can now set their revenue target per week or per boat and track the performance.
- new: Work/Reservations/Calculation: Commission can now be added manually to custom invoices in the same way as Options and Discounts
- new: Work/Reservations/Invoice: "Duplicate" button to easily reproduce already made invoice. Useful for situations where an invoice was canceled because of an error and needs to be re-produced.
- new: LBM/Work/Yachts: Extra info field is now translatable in all available languages. It can also be shown in a price quote if "Show yacht extra info in price quote" setting from Preferences/Reservation Settings is selected.
- new: LBM/Preferences/Company Settings/Tags: Tags can now be used as public. In that case, if they are added to the reservation, they will be visible to agencies on Booking Sheet on the Portal and CBM.
- new: Work/Reservations: Documents can now be added to reservations via drag&drop from file manager or email program
- new: CBM: Crew list entry page is redesigned so end clients and agencies will be able to fill crew lists much easier and extremely faster than before. Administrators still have "Advanced view" option for more complex operations
- new: CBM: New Crew list entry enables document upload and printing so agencies and end clients cand directly upload their passport or license scans or other necessary documents.
- new: LBM/Work/Addressbook/Misc: First contact field will now remember previously entered values so they can be reused on other Address book members
- new: LBM/Work/Reservations/Payments: Added a new column for total value in alternative currency.
- new: LBM/Preferences/Company Settings/Email settings: Default Mail client setting moved from LBM/Preferences/General options.
- new: LBM/Preferences/Reservations/Documents: Now possible to add documents on more than one reservation. Select one or more reservations and add documents usual way by using New button.
- new: LBM/Invoices: Tax breakdown on invoice now also shows non taxable amount.
- new: WBM: Exposed shipyard information on yacht details link.
- new: LBM/Work/Booking Sheet: Hourly charters are now visible when using "Display: hour" setting.
- new: LBM/WBM: Automatic mailer now uses alternative email setting when sending emails.
- new: Portal/Yachts: Added filter by shipyard.
- new: Webservice: Web service can now be used under SSL protocol.
- new: Webservice: Added getTranslations method which can be used to retrieve translations for yacht equipment.
- new: Webservice: Added getCashRegister method which can be used to retrieve cash register report for specified period.
- new: Webservice: Agency commission value and total profit is shown in getInvoices method under <bi> element.
- new: Webservice: Reservation details now contain direct link for crew list entry page.
- new: Webservice: Added getResourcesDiscount method which returns discount calculation for multiple yachts. It provides information about total yacht discount, its price, and a full list of discounts that will be applied when reservation is created.
- new: Webservice: getSearchResults method can now be used with first and last date of the year in order to retrieve availabilities for entire year.
- new: Webservice: added getSearchResultsFilter method which can be used with multiple company, base, resource and country parameters along with a flexibility parameter in order to retrieve availability information in a more efficient way.
- new: Webservice: getCountries method now contains translations for each country in all supported languages.
- new: Portal/Booking Sheet: Expanded table in order to show more days. Berths and cabins columns shrinked. Past days are no longer shown to agencies. Date rows in a header have more height to improve visibility. First column shows generic model instead of a custom charter model.
- new: WBM/Lastminute: Lastminute can show custom results per page.
- new: WBM: Custom agency discounts are no longer calculated based on the base price, instead, they are applied after final charterer price.

- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations: Discounts are not recalculated anymore when reservation client is changed.
- fix: LBM: Significantly improved synchronization performance, especially when doing initial synchronization.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations/Payments: Fixed currency symbol position when printing all payments.
- fix: LBM/Work/Planning revenue: Fixed discount calculation when some of the discounts were not affected by maximum.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations: Removed booking confirmation link from PDF documents for charter operators in "rare" status.
- fix: LBM/Reports/Yacht financial performance: Fixed yachts sort order when "No grouping" is selected.
- fix: Portal: Emails are no longer sent to charter company when agency cancels options that expired long ago.
- fix: Portal/Yachts: Fixed wrong preselected date on first load.
- fix: Portal/Special Offers: Ordinary weeks are no longer shown under Discounted weeks.
- fix: LBM/Invoices: Fixed agency commission calculation when there are extras that are deducted from commission value.
- fix: LBM/Reports/Cash Register: Balance transfers are now correctly shown in cash register view.
- fix: LBM/Price Quote: Extras without tax are now correctly shown on price quotes.
- fix: WBM/Portal: Fixed calculation of extras that have a custom quantity.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations/Reservation: Fixed problem with adding guest from reservation when one-word guest name is written.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations/Calculation: Available discounts and options are now ordered alphabetically.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations/Calculation: Invoice items are now correctly ordered (discounts, agency discount or options).
- fix: LBM/Work/Planning revenue: Bases filter removed if user has yachts in only one base.
- fix: LBM/Setup/Discount Types/Advanced/Valid for yacht: Added model info on each yacht listed in this group.
- fix: LBM/Preferences/Company Settings/Email settings: Fixed port number recalculation to 587 after user applied its changes.
- fix: LBM/Report/Booking lists: The sum of weeks in weeks count column in Booking list for a month report is now calculated correctly.
- fix: LBM/Portal: Changed color for Owners week status in order to differentiate from Option status color.
- fix: LBM/Work/Reservations: Total amount with options payable in base on Booking Confirmation document is increased by agency commission if report is printed for guest from File/Print Booking Confirmation for Guest.

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