Release Notes 12.2.0 (13.09.2017)

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2017 11:27AM CEST
 - new: Setup/Discount types: Discount rules can now hold duration and sailing period information at the same time with
    Service duration trigger, so it is possible to set up different long term discounts depending on the season.
 - new: Setup/Discount types: Discount valid for clients country
 - new: Work/Yachts&Work/Prices: Yachts can now be assigned to multiple products with different price lists. For example one boat
    can be offered as bareboat and as crewed at the same time with completely different prices. each product will show separately in
    search results as different offer
 - new: Setup/Prices: Possibility to price lists in multiple parallel currencies. Now clients can choose from up to 4
   supported currencies in Preferences/Reservation settings/Invoice/Supported currencies    
 - new: LBM: Multiple application profiles in desktop application. Clients can now install multiple Booking Manager profiles if they
    manage several companies from the same computer
 - new: Work/Revenue planning: Export to Excel
 - new: Preferences/Reservation settings/Online/Terms and conditions: Terms and  Conditions can now be entered and activated so they
     have to be clicked through on the WBM search engine by guests or agencies before they make first booking. If agency already
     agreed to terms and conditions this check box will be automatically selected in WBM.
 - new: Preferences/Company settings/Offices: Assigning Offices to countries so that they can be automatically applied to new
    agencies from the portal
 - new: Preferences/Company settings/Offices: Assigning default payment method for agencies assigned to particular office
 - new: Reports/Invoice Review: Export to Swing bookkeeping software added
 - new: LBM: new mailing button "Reply to email" so users can now reply to selected email in outlook automatically
 - new: Portal: search by any number of days added to trip duration. Short trips and daily bookings can now be manually selected
 - new: Work/Yachts: Check in day of the week: "any" to allow boats to be listed at any day of the week
 - new: LBM/Preferences/Reservation Settings/Online: WBM user can now configure which booking buttons he wants to display in the
    booking step: "Request,request&option,request,option and booking"
 - new: LBM/Reports/Embarkment List: Embarkment list table simple now also has check-in,checkout times next to dates
 - new: LBM/Work/Reservations/Documents: it is possible to add multiple documents to one selected reservation or one document to multiple
    selected reservations at the same time
 - new: CBM: copies of the emails being sent from CBM are also sent to base if email is setup for specific base in
    Preferences/Company Settings/Bases
 - new: Webservice: All boat locations can now be seen via web service, not just default one when calling getResources
 - new: CBM: Additional email is now being sent to charter company when somebody fills in the crew list
 - new: Webservice: Added "relatedinvoicenumber" in export of storno invoices to signal which invoice is canceled by that
 - new: LBM: Latvian language is now supported in documents
 - new: Portal/My clients: Added export of client list in Excel
 - new: LBM: Booking confirmation document contains the name of the active office
 - new: LBM: New sailing area - Western Norway      
 - new: LBM: Tags arranged Alphabetically in pop-up menu list
 - new: LBM: electronic signature on documents integration with Signaturit service
 - new: LBM/Invoices Date of birth of the client is added to list of available fields to comply with Italian regulation
 - new: Portal: Showing boats in search results even if there is expired option on them    
 - new: Work/Reservations Tourist tax invoice calculation is now completely automated from provided crew list
 - new: Reports/Reservation List check out base added
 - new: Work/Payment Analyser: Checkin/checkout filter added
 - new: doc Templates - Convert numbers into words in documents for port authorities for Greek companies to comply with regulation
 - new: Work/YAcht Main sail and Genoa type pickers on yacht
 - new: WBM: Boat is now listed in short term offers if free for <7 days regardless of Saturday    
 - new: LBM: Option on waiting can now be placed different period than the current option
 - new: Webservice: Optional extras that are no longer valid are now not visible in the web service anymore
 - new: Portal/booking Sheet: Yacht names are now visible in the booking sheet next to the model name
 - new: Portal: Company name is now clickable in search result and price quote for easier access to details    
 - new: Portal: Subject of booking emails from the system now lists the broker's country code for easier identification
 - new: LBM: Forced the use of https connection for synchronization service

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