How to interpret discounts from Booking Manager

Last Updated: Jul 19, 2012 11:25AM CEST

When you are receiving the discounts via our XML data export service it might be difficult to interpret the data so seeing the charter perspective might be helpful to understand how the discounts work.

There are several ways to trigger the discount and each trigger has type assigned. To make the explanation clearer we marked the corresponding XML attributes that being sent back via the web service in "green" letters on illustrations in this article.

Type 0 - Service Duration

This is a Duration discount, typically used for 2 or 3 week discounts.
Relevant fields are  validdaysfrom-to and validdatefrom-to.

In Charter company interface it looks like this:

Type 1 - Reservation period

This discount is tied to the reservation period, meaning the dates when user places an order. Typically this type of trigger is used for Early Booking discounts:

Type 2 - Service Period

This discount is tied to the Service period, meaning the dates of the actual sailing. It can be used for special offers for sailings taking place in a certain period  and can also be used for Early booking.

Type 3 - Last Minute

Last minute / Early booking. Problem is that in practice Early booking can be placed under different discount types depending on how the charter company defines them, most frequently reservation period is selected, so in case type 1 or 2 is selected it is easily detected by validdatefrom and validdateto.

Charter companies can place a "permanent" early booking by using type 3 and placing e.g. 180 - 500 days  in validdaysfrom-to so in this way all bookings made at least 6 months in advance are treated as Early booking.

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