How to setup mail forwarding on Webmail

Last Updated: Jan 15, 2013 12:45PM CET

If you are leaving the office or are unable to read your e-mail on a regular basis for a certain period of time due to any reason it might be a good idea to forward your e-mails to your colleagues so your mail does not go unattended and to let the sender know that a response will be given along with the automated reply option.

This is easily set up by using our Webmail service.

1. Setting the forward e-mail address

To setup your forwarding address first step is to log in to your webmail account at by using your username and password provided by MMK

You will log in to your Inbox. Next step is to click on Options (1.) and select Mail Forwarding Options (2.).

Enter an address to which all incoming mail should be redirected in the field (1.) any press Submit (2.) when done. More than one address may be entered by separating them with commas.

Multiple addresses are useful because once you start forwarding e-mails they will no longer be arriving to your Inbox, but you can basically forward to yourself also so you will be able to keep track of your mail

By filling out this form you are able to automatically forward all your new mail to a different email address.

Warning: This form changes your .forward file and will destroy any existing custom made .forward file that may exist in you home directory.

2. Removing the forwarding address

To remove the forwarding option, again, go to Options > Mail Forwarding Options and delete the addresses (1.) and press Submit (2.).

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